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Bibi: Cyber-Attacks Are Grave Aviation Threat, But Field Offers Unimaginable Benefits How Trump & 3 Other US Presidents Protected «Israel’s» Worst-Kept Secret: Its Nuclear Arsenal Imam Khamenei: The Enemy of Humanity Is the Regime That Separates 1000s of Children from Their Mothers Separating Children from Their Families Is Nothing New, US Has Been Doing It for Decades ’Israel’ Strikes 25 Hamas Positions in Gaza Taliban Kill 30 Afghan Soldiers, Take Base South Sudan: Foes Set to Meet in Ethiopia Brexit: Theresa May Faces Showdown with Pro-EU Rebels Al-Khalifa Official to Hebrew Media: Bahrain 1st Gulf State to Form Ties with ’Israel’ Abidjan Flooding: At Least 18 Killed in Ivory Coast Imam #Khamenei: #Iran is facing the oppression of some countries for demanding #justice and calling for #Islam Imam #Khamenei: Some tyrant countries are killing #Yemeni civilians and trying to steal their lifeline seaport #Yemen: #Hudaydah airport, entire coastal area still under control of the #Yemeni Army and Popular Committees #IRGC: #Saudi aggression to be defeated in Al-#Hudaydah and victory is for #Yemen In a surprise visit, #NorthKorean leader #Kim Jong-un arrives in #Beijing #Occupied #Palestine: Dozens of #Israeli settlers storm #Aqsa Mosque, #occupation forces detain Chief of Guards "#Israeli" jets strike 9 targets in #Gaza Fire Hits #Scrapyard in Central #UK, Airport Closed 2 men stabbed to death in mosque in #SouthAfrica 2026 Football #WorldCup will be held in the #US, #Mexico and #Canada after #FIFA voted for the joint bid Wednesday
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hezbollah - the party of ALLAH

kauser fatma zaidi / India : 03-03-2009 | 11-48 m |
\"allaho akbar khamnai rehbar \" i hope these words eco in all directions one day !
my salutations 4rm d bottom of my heart to the army of god and the martyrs who hav lost their life in the battle of truth infact the only truth . i respect hezbollah a lot . i am extmly inspired , i was earlier unaware of the fact tht there existed such a party- a party of god . i never knew what was hezbollah until my elder brother told me about it . in india it is very common to see different tv channels talking about different organizations muslim organizations which eventually are entitled as terrorist groups by the media but once i actually came to know about the very inspiring syed hassan nasrallah and his fight for truth i was shocked as to how unaware i was of the greatest asset of muslims . and i think there are several other muslims who donot know anything about hezbollah so anybody who reads this, plz try and tell our other brothers and sisters in islam about it . i really really want to know how we - the muslims here can express their gratitude and make efforts for the success of the muslims there . and how we can contribute to this great war for islam .
may ALLAH bless the righteous and great warrirors against the evil and its states- the very satanic u s a and israel . i have complete faith tht these tyrrants and servants to iblis will lose and lose in a way tht the universe will see . may the day of victory come soon for the lovers of the Imam- our ultimate leader !

Ya Hizbollah!

Gareth / United Kingdom : 02-03-2009 | 00-29 m |
Salam everyone, I am Gareth a 17 year old convert to Islam! O Hussein, See Your Warrior Sons! Oh Allah, Grant Hizbollah Victory! Ya Allah, Ya Hizbollah!

Long Live Hizbollah

WASEEM AHMAD / India : 24-02-2009 | 10-55 m |
Iam A Muslim Brother from Indian Occupied Kashmir, I love Hizbollah as its has emerged one of the Strong Islamic resistance force in Middle east. I pray to Allah that We All unite in this fight Against Zoinsim & i pray for the Mujhideens of Hizbollah,Kashmir,Sheshaan,Afghanistan & Iraq.


badih / Canada : 24-02-2009 | 05-53 m |
i am a christian lebanese in support of hizbulla .. hopefully one day i can be by your side on the front line of any potential war with the snakes of israel ! may we all be the ghosts of the martyrs that will haunt israel forever... let our enemies know.. that whereever they go .. we will go also.

Your Group

Michael Cox / USA : 17-02-2009 | 03-51 m |
We Come from different backgrounds,Cultures and Religions. As I am Christian. But I do respect your ways, as you are seem to be true to your belifes and Religion. Even people like us who do not agree with each other have to respect men and women who are willing to fight for your belifes.

Salut to Hizbollah

siegfrido / Chile : 07-02-2009 | 23-17 m |
Hizbollah has all our respect

I hope we can join u in a fight agaisnt israel

Viva Hizbollah!

Born to be Free

Hussein Amro / Qatar : 07-02-2009 | 00-26 m |
Greetings to all freemen..Greetings to all free women...Greetings to all free speaches that had reached this site...

Being born and living and rasied up in the community of Hizbullah makes me more than proud to be what i am!!! being a freeman a free human that says No to disagration and untolorance inbetween people and racies!!

I Think this is our time the time of all freemen and women to over comeup this great propoganda that faces our world order that faces our system...iam not speaking in the position as a muslim nor as a shia nor as a Resistance supporter but as human..which reads and watches everyday fights inbettwen people fighting for the rights,fighting for the freedom,fighting for there goods..fighting to live one another day fighting this world of massdistruction..there is no such thing as weapons to kill!! its the human nature which kills and atackks....the dawn of victory or the dawn of change had began not now..not today nor tommorow..but for sure it has been awaken....

Great Hizbollah

Majid / Egypt : 05-02-2009 | 08-02 m |
"VIVA HIZBOLLAH" We all love and support you..


Siegfrido / Chile : 04-02-2009 | 00-27 m |

C'mon Hizbollah!

Hail to Hizbollah!

we participate in manifestations against israel in Santiago the capital city in chile.

We support Hizbollah!

victory greetings

modather / Lebanon : 01-02-2009 | 07-59 m |
Victory greetings to all hizbollah members and followers.
Ghaza intasarat wlaw kareha al karehoon

I Love ....

Heydar / Iran : 21-01-2009 | 14-32 m |
Hi! I Love Hizbollah ...

kill the invader

jenofonte / Spain : 17-01-2009 | 01-27 m |
i only have one thing to say: ISRAEL MUST DIE


nasrullah / Mauritius : 16-01-2009 | 18-32 m |
The recent atrocities on Gaza shows that Hizbullah is always at the forefront to defend the palestinians ...where is the Khadim ul Haramein and Ally


Abbas / Pakistan : 16-01-2009 | 09-59 m |
Dear All, Salam, May hizbullah live long.We need hizbullah in other countries also where the shias blood sheeding is going on uncheck specially in Pakistan and iraq. We need such leader like Hassan Nasirullah in these countries. Hope hizbullah will grow day by day. We are with you every time. Thank for your attention.

We will Achieve Victory

Radwan Eljindi / USA : 15-01-2009 | 18-37 m |
Salam to Hizbollah and Sayyed Nasrallah. What is happening in Gaza Strip is an Israeli war crime.

a agnabiyyun

herman ossi / Gemany : 15-01-2009 | 14-20 m |
Long live Hizbollah, and a good new year !!!!

For Leader

Mohd Ridhwan / Malaysia : 10-01-2009 | 14-03 m |
We are all sad and dissappointed with what happen today in Palestin.We are here watch everyday in the television regarding Israely booming all the city in Gaza...But now is time for all organisation to combine together include hezbollah,hamas,fatah or any organization to be more powerful...about ur leaders thinking or anything you all should put it aside...what you are all fighting is islam...same religion..same with u same with hamas,same with any organization who are in islam...combine it...

Victory to Hezbollah

Augusto Hofmann / Brazil : 10-01-2009 | 03-14 m |
I must congratulate Hezbollah and his fight against "Israel". Zionist state is killing hundreds of Palestinians, this has already become genocide. We must resist the "Isreali" aggressions and fight together to free Palestine from this Zionist scum. The final victory will be ours. We will crush "Israel" and take back our lands. VICTORY TO HEZBOLLAH

Sayed Hassan Nasrallah!!!

Hajar / Kyrgyzstan : 09-01-2009 | 16-00 m |
Salam Aleikum to Sayyed Hassan and Hizbollah. I have huge proud and respect for Sayyed Hassan, man of Haqq, and fighters of Hizbollah. You are the REAL fighters. You have no idea how I was inspired by you. I wish my future sons will join Hizbollah Inshallah. I support you. Labbyka ya Nasrallah. Let Allah bless you......from kyrgyzstan.

Salam to you Sayyed Hassan & to Hezbollah

Debra / United Kingdom : 06-01-2009 | 05-02 m |
I am so proud to be shia muslim (3yrs) and a loyal supporter of hezbollah. May Allah (swt) bless you all. LONG LIVE HEZBOLLAH.....

Salamu Alaikum

Zeyneb / Gemany : 04-01-2009 | 05-26 m |
All my support goes to Hizbollah. Palestine hope so much for!! Help the people in Gaza. We will never give up and fight for our country. insha Allah!

Long Live Moqawama

Margaret Swaid / USA : 04-01-2009 | 03-11 m |
I pray for Sayyed Nasrallah, his family, the resistance, the survivors and hope to meet them one day in paradise. The true promise is ours. Let Israel chew its own hands off in rage against its own pitiful state and in recognition of their destiny. La ilaha ila Huwa.

g-d bless the Palestinians

yoram matzkin / Canada : 03-01-2009 | 03-21 m |
Israel is a savage country that is acting like the Germans attacked the Jews in Europe. Palestine and Palestinians had nothing to do w/ the suffering of the Jews in Europe.


vedran kovac / Lebanon : 30-12-2008 | 19-23 m |
hi im from bosnia and i live in lebanon i just want to give all good compliments about hizbollah and your site.wish you all best in your future.
good luck from Bosnia and Hercegovina

to hizbollah

reda ousama kais / Sweden : 21-12-2008 | 02-08 m |
salam o alleikom . anna ismi reda omri 15 sene o bade laowww 1 minute ehki maa3 el samahit el sayed hasan nasrallah el batal . anna bmot kermel el sayed bas law ehke mao. please

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