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Donald Trump’s Words Are a Green Light to Dictators and Torturers Around the World Berri Re-Elected Speaker in First Parliament Session, Ferzli Deputy Hezbollah Congratulates Syria on Al-Hajar Al-Aswad & Yarmouk Liberation Libya: Clashes Intensify After Car Bomb Kills Two Pro-Palestine Flotilla Departs Copenhagen to «Break the Siege» on Gaza Venezuela Expels US Envoys in Response to Sanctions Iran’s Bagheri: We Need No Permission to Develop Defense Capabilities Syria Accuses US Coalition of Deliberately Destroying its Oil Wells Dog Raises 9 Orphaned Ducklings ‘After Fox Killed Mother Duck’ Private Jet Splits in Half on Takeoff in Honduras, at Least Six Injured Nabih #Berri Re-elected as Parliamentary Speaker, in 1st Session of New Parliament Sayyed #Nasrallah to Deliver a Televised Speech on the #Resistance and #Liberation Day, May 25th, 2018 @ 17:00 #Beirut Time #Iran's #Qassemi: Our presence in #Syria at #Damascus' demand #GreatReturnMarch: 2 Wounded From #Israeli Border Fire Martyred #France: Attack foiled, two Egyptian brothers arrested #NorthKorea Won't Hold Talks With #SouthKorea Unless "Issues Resolved" WHO: #Ebola Outbreak Has Spread To DR #Congo City #Chinese President: #China Supports #NorthKorea Efforts to Develop #Economy #Israel Summons #Turkish Envoy over #Ankara's Treatment of Its Envoy #US Putting Serious Pressure on #Iran #NuclearDeal Participants - #Moscow
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Bosnia and Herzegovina

Faris / Albania : 19-10-2009 | 22-27 m |
Sallam :) i am from Bosnia Anyway i pray for your success and near victory for us all...

tahya al hizbollah

faysal / France : 12-10-2009 | 23-39 m |
Just a word to support my brothers. you have people you can count on on every continent and country.
We must stay united and Stay strong!


JMS / Spain : 06-10-2009 | 18-52 m |
Dear heroes:

I am a Spanish man, who is since one year ago working in Morocco. I was always against the Zionism supremacy, and a few against Muslim immigration in Spain. But seen the Muslim reality, I am each time more near of a sure mentality. The Zionism is preparing the occidental people mentality for fight against the Muslim people, doing the work to the Zionism propose.

In Morocco the people support your holy war.

There holy war against the supremacy of the Zionism, and I like to support yours. In my limited capacity I would like to help your holy war, because it is the war of the freedom around the world.

Closed Eyes of Media for Shias in Pakistan

Qaisar Abbas / Pakistan : 18-08-2009 | 20-19 m |
I am in Pakistan and a day before a Sunni 'Alem was killed, don't know who killed him but that's for sure he was not killed by any Shia.
But what happened after that media is still silent I just got the SMS on my cell phone from Karachi and I'd been told 10 cars on which it was written name of Mola Ali (A.s) was burnt off, 5 cars in which shia ladies and kids were sitting were broken, at Nagan Chowrangi and Khairpur 8 homes were burnt off, and killed 8 shia aalams on different places. But still Pakistani media is silent no news about that.

The question is why still i am thinking why all r silent about that. the answer which comes in my mind that is when Mola Hussain (A.S) was martyred in Karbala all muslim umma was also silent. So we are followers of Hussain (A.S) still facing Yazeeds of modern Era.

But that cant let us down we are still living and will be living with a cause of Mola Hussain (A.S)

this website

susanne boswell / USA : 14-08-2009 | 00-04 m |
i am so very happy to find this website because i have supported your organization for more than 20 years and there is so much to see and read in English which is wonderful and adds so much to my life thank you very much.

Labbaik ya Nasrallah

Syed Muhammad Mustafa / Pakistan : 22-07-2009 | 21-47 m |
Inshallah, Israel and all the taghoot will be wiped out from the earth very soon. Pray for the brave and courageous, handful people who are alone retaliating against barbaric and inhuman which are supported by US and other satanic powers.
Al Ajal Ya Imam.

with you

ali / Algeria : 20-07-2009 | 19-48 m |
salam alaikoum
brothers you have to know that you are not alone you have a lot of brothers here in Algeria .
may Allah send his victorious to our father Hassan Nassrallah.

Allah Oakbar Khamnai Rehbar

Abbas / Pakistan : 19-06-2009 | 08-23 m |


Ghada Ghachame / Australia : 08-06-2009 | 15-52 m |
Peace be upon our eminent Secretary General and all those that are associated with the Moquawamah. Ajarakum allah for all that you do for South Lebanon.
May allah swt prolong your lives and give you gifts, patience and strength in abundance.
You have taught us the struggle of Imam Hussein (as) is the most valuable lesson of all.
May allah swt give us all the strength and steadfastness as you have demonstrated since the inception of the Beloved Hizballah.


stan squires / Canada : 07-06-2009 | 18-29 m |
I am from vancouver,canada and i wanted to say that i hope Hezbollah does good in the elections.Lebanon needs a strong government that will work for the good of the lebanese and palestinian people in Lebanon.The western govs. only cares about the rich people in Lebanon.It will be the ordinary people of lebanon who will make the necessary changes.They won't listen to the corupt western govs.

Stan squires


AbuTurab AbduShakur / USA : 29-05-2009 | 05-29 m |
I love the website when is it coming back

I Like Hizbollah

S.Hadi Abbas Jafri / Pakistan : 15-05-2009 | 16-13 m |
Fa in Hizbollah Hum ul Ghalebun (Insha Allah)

VIVA Hizbollah

نجيب / Algeria : 13-05-2009 | 08-31 m |

Mabrouk the new name of your website, But why you haven\'t inform your audience before??

Most of our friends here still waiting for the old site to work...

your site is the best among all....



samer / Congo : 05-05-2009 | 12-42 m |
Best wishes to all members of hizbollah....

Hizbollah Fakher al omma al eslamiya


Qaisar Abbas / Pakistan : 27-04-2009 | 23-25 m |
As being living far in pakistan though conditions here are not good anymore shia my heart always beats for hizbullah.Still heart waits for perfect man Imam Mahdi(A.S).
As far as hizbullah is concerned all time prays for its betterment and may Mola make it more strong that it can help out whole muslim ummah from america and zionists.


Tomas Melicher / Slovac Republic : 20-04-2009 | 21-26 m |

Message from an USA Alim

Shaykh Abdallah Rahman Kalonji / USA : 16-04-2009 | 22-11 m |
As Salamu Alikum Warahmantu Allah Wabaraktu,
Wa Kahiefy Anna Muhammadan Kahlifa,
Watala Allah Ala Ebbaddah ashaleen,
ElhemduAllah Rabbilaaameeen,
Allahumma Sale Muhammad Wa Ale Muhammad,
Al Ajeel Al Ajeel Imam Zaman,

Dear Brothers in the Struggle,

I support your work and say that it is not easy what you do for the sake of True Islam, the manthab of Ahlul Bayt ayhi salam. We appreciate your efforts in Lebanon, and all over the world. I would like to personally thank Hezbollah for saving the life of a friend of mine in Baltimore who terrorists wanted to kill, and to say keep up the good work.

Masalam Allah Hafiz

youtube Israel Is Cancer

Tanya Melvin / Canada : 15-04-2009 | 02-51 m |
My name is Tanya and Im from Canada.I have GREAT friends that live in Lebanon and Gaza. I can completely understand wanting to defend your country!First off Id like to say ur language & country is beautiful.I cannot wait to visit and meet my friends in Lebanon for the first time.I commend u all for ur bravery.NO ONE else was running to aid Lebanon when Israel made war on u,so as far as Im concerned,u did what u had to do!U know there is so much news in Canada thats censored!It was my Lebanese friends who educated me on the truth,and that ISRAEL IS CANCER!

I spend alot of time on youtube and have begun making videos for Lebanon and Palestine. Pls go to youtube and watch Israel Is Cancer.My youtube name is tanmel4.. shokran and hopefully someone will see this and answer my questions. VIVA TO YOU ALL!!


kamal / Australia : 14-04-2009 | 06-41 m |
salam alaykom


Ibrahim Yusuf Yassir / Grenada : 13-04-2009 | 03-15 m |
Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillahi rabbil alameen.

Regular reader

Michelle / USA : 12-04-2009 | 23-34 m |
I just wanted to send my regards, I have been reading this site for a few years now and support you. I know the lies of Israel and the Bush administration in the 2006 attack and I became an avid supporter of Hizbolla ever since. I love your articles and thanks for this website to read!

A great and mighty fight must continue!

Tonda Walker / USA : 12-04-2009 | 16-08 m |
Thank you for continuing the fight for justice, peace and resistance. Stay strong my brothers and sisters.
May God give you strength and power over your enemies.


Jaafar Abderrahim / Netherlands : 27-03-2009 | 20-34 m |
Only united we will achieve victory with the blessing of Allah, we should always be aware of the attempts made by our enemies who are also the enemies of Islam to diivide us. The numerous attempts are quite obvious in setting up shia against sunni and setting up Muslim countries against each other.

Let us not forget the words of our prophet (PBUH) 'all who say La ilaha ila Allah' for he is a Muslim'; Let us unite to achieve victory because what unites us is far more in number than what divides us (quote of the Secretary-General) and once we have achieved our goal we can negociate our differences.

May Allah help everyone who is engaged in Jihad in His name and may Allah stand alongside the parties who give us pride to be Muslims, Hizbollah and the Iranian administration.

Yours truly and salaam oe aleikum

a supporter

mohammed ali dabestani / India : 20-03-2009 | 05-01 m |
i am an irani in india i am highly pleased with your islamic movement and a great supporter of hizbullah as you follow shia islam in alll stratergies and your courage is praised all over the world for you werer the only one to drag israel out of lebanon

i am 19 years of age and a student please let me know if anything can be done for you'll thank you may god be pleased with you and his mercy be upon you.

النصر أت

dima / Egypt : 09-03-2009 | 08-15 m |
النصر آت آت آت إن شاء الله

أجمل التمنيات لأفراد حزب الله بمناسبة ولادة الرسول الأكرم (ص)

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