Liberation 18
Sayyed Nasrallah: US-Gulf Sanctions Ineffective, Confident of Victory in any Coming War Egypt, Ethiopia Fail to Reach Breakthrough in Dam Negotiations Intriguing Gold Coin, Other Treasures Uncovered in Egypt US House Okays Motion Opposing Attack on Iran Reform in Reverse in Saudi Arabia Champs League Final: Madrid, Liverpool Fans Gather in Kiev Struggling in Parliament, German Far Right Takes to Streets Why Trump’s Small-Handed Plan to Strangle Iran Will Fail South Korea Relieved About Trump-Kim Summit Revival Efforts «Israeli» Court Approves Razing West Bank Bedouin Village #Ethiopia Releasing #British National Detained in 2014 Sayyed #Nasrallah: Among the brother MPs in the ‘Loyalty to the Resistance bloc’, we chose Hassan #Fadlallah to follow up the file against #corruption Sayyed #Nasrallah: Our fight against #corruption is a serious and major battle, and it completes what happened in the 2000 #liberation Sayyed #Nasrallah: #Hezbollah didn’t and will not demand having one of the so-called sovereign ministerial portfolios Sayyed #Nasrallah: There are parties with whom we may disagree strategically, but nothing prevents from cooperating with them in fighting #corruption Sayyed #Nasrallah: The #Moroccan foreign minister has not offered any evidence to his #Iranian counterpart backing his accusations Sayyed #Nasrallah: #Hezbollah will not put forward a candidate to head any of #Lebanon’s key ministries Sayyed #Nasrallah: #Terrorism lists won’t delay formation of #Lebanese government Sayyed #Nasrallah: When they face popular #resistance, they will not be able to defeat it Sayyed #Nasrallah: Blacklisting #Hezbollah aims at scaring the allies and pushing them away from the resistance and also at drying up the #resistance's funding sources and they've been seeking this since the #1990s
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farhan nawaz

farhan nawaz / Pakistan : 03-07-2010 | 08-04 m |
i love Sayyed Hassan Nasrullah


fatima / Pakistan : 01-06-2010 | 21-37 m |


Mansur Shaker Hamedt / Brazil : 27-05-2010 | 03-47 m |
you are the shine of the God and future to all free man.


anwar / Malaysia : 24-05-2010 | 02-06 m |
may Allah bless Hizbullah and other Islamic movements including the Freedom Flotilla and lead them to more and more victories until Al-Aqsa is ours for the taking. Allahuakbar!

You must kill Israel Aga Nasrullah

SARKHAN / Azerbaijan : 11-05-2010 | 23-36 m |
Hi from Azerbaijan! God bless you rabbeyk Ya Nasrullah. I am muslim and i nervous for Israeli attacks. Inshallah you will take AL-QUDS!!!

Mother\'s day

Hezbollah lover / Australia : 09-05-2010 | 12-58 m |
Hi, today is mother's day in my country..

I just want to say my special thanks and greet to all the mother of hezbollah fighter who lost their son during the battle with zionist..

I wish them health and as god promise, your son protect you from heaven..

May god protect the resistance, Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah and all of us..

love, from Australia..

Allah Akber

Muhammad Ali / Bangladesh : 27-04-2010 | 11-56 m |
Thanks and regards to thouse who saved his/her country the best way.


Cin / Peru : 26-04-2010 | 07-00 m |
get our prayers from all over the world, stay strong, victory is yours

slaam husan nusrullah

Farhan Nawaz / Pakistan : 24-03-2010 | 21-26 m |
I m DR.FARHAN NAWAZ pakiistani shia muslim.we love hizbollah


tanveer ahmed han astory / Pakistan : 15-03-2010 | 21-11 m |


Cassiem Khan / South Africa : 07-03-2010 | 20-41 m |
Assalaamu Alaikum

In 2006 I visited your country during the war. I work for a humanitarian organisation. I want to share one experience in Nabatiye. We met with the aged and the disabled bringing them food. We were shown around by the local council.
This was the saddest day in my life. I left with my body but my heart and soul could not leave. I feel that I walked away from the gates of heaven. The faces of the few young men told me of their readiness to die for a just cause. And I left them behind. I was fortunate enough to resist Apartheid as a Muslim, lost many brothers to the Apartheid enemy. Please pray for me that I never walk away from the door of paradise again. Please pray that the Almighty accept my good deeds and cover my bad ones and calls me unto him in an honorable way. I pray everyday that Allah swt protects and guides Sayyed Nasrallah and the resistance and that one day I will meet you.

Brother Cassiem Khan, Assalam Alaikum We are touched by your display of emotions and piety, and we pray that you continue in your path to Allah the Magnificent. We hope you will come back some day to see a more positive image of what is left in your memory. Just remember what it feels like to be on the Right Path, and you will find the inner strength to go on. God Bless You Wassalam

Allah Maakum

Danyal / Palastine : 19-02-2010 | 15-55 m |
Greetings from your "Israeli" allies and supporters. Do your job, resist and win, and don't be afraid of the Entity. We are with you.


muhammad mansur / Nigeria : 18-02-2010 | 14-23 m |
I congratulate the Hizbollah on all the success you are making in defending the oppressed and challeging the zionist. may Almighty Allah increase your success, we are always with you in our heart and prayers. our heroes as well as our martyrs like Sayyed Musawi, Harb and Moghniyeh will always lighting and bright our life as good examples for us to follow. you too may Allah reward you in updating this site.

Martyrs are Masters

Tajeddine Abou Jawad / Malaysia : 15-02-2010 | 15-13 m |
To the brave nation of Lebanon, the world is watching you.
Always stick to principles and trust God in order to defeat the enemy .Victory is yours since your cause is righteous. Moreover, you are defending our dignity from an occupier.

Greetings from the U.S.

Mikail Husayn Wilkinson / USA : 28-12-2009 | 18-24 m |
May God grant Lebanon protection from any aggression it faces. You are doing great things for lebanon,
Mikail Husayn


EROL / Croatia : 26-12-2009 | 18-51 m |
May the Hezbollah win over the Zionists with help of Allah. Thanks Hezbollah. ..


ali baloch / Pakistan : 09-12-2009 | 11-42 m |

Hosseini Soldiers

Emre Kuş / Turkey : 03-12-2009 | 12-22 m |
Esselamü Aleyki ya Hosseini great fighters
may Allah bless you and give victory.Amin

Lebbeyk Ya Nasrallah !

Allahumme Salli Ala Muhammed ve Ali Muhammed ve Accil Ferecehum

Greetings all Heros

Ferhat / Canada : 03-12-2009 | 11-06 m |
I'm proud of Hezbollah,Mr. Sayyed Nasrallah and Heros.may Allah bless them, Hezbollah add power to your power.

Hezbollah is in the heart of love for all Turks.

We want to live in a world without Israel.For this, we will always help Hezbollah...

may Allah bless u peace and mercy be upon you

from Palestine

Ali / Palastine : 30-11-2009 | 15-02 m |
Greetings from all your Palestinian brothers and sisters.

Mexican follower

Alberto Nahle / Mexico : 25-11-2009 | 00-50 m |
Alhamdullillah, bismillah
I´m from Zacatecas, México. I have lebanese origins and i´ve just converted to islam. Praise be ALLAH, for Hezbollah.. congratulations.

Ali Ali

Muhammad / Pakistan : 13-11-2009 | 14-35 m |

Assalam-u-alikum ya ansar-a-deen Allah.
Assalam-u-alikum ya ansar-a-Ameer-ul-Momineen.
Assalam-u-alikum ya ansar-a-Fatima-tu-Zehra.
Assalam-u-alikum ya ansar-a-Aba Abd Allah.

What more I can say about you.

May Allah be helpful to us all & specially to our forefronts.Ameen



fasalrahman / India : 23-10-2009 | 21-43 m |
Muslim brother from India supports resistance against Zionism. Allahu Akbar

Allahu Akbaaaar!

Serhad tariq / Turkey : 23-10-2009 | 19-05 m |
Salam Hezbollah brothers! Salam our hero Hassan Nasrallah!

I am proud follower of Hizbullah

ziad / Sri Lanka : 23-10-2009 | 11-08 m |
Ever since Imam Khomeini (Q.S),came on the scene of the Islamic world with a successful revolution,I have been looking for a day when the whole world will be engulfed with the final revolution of Imam Mahdi(A.S), which will usher in peace and tranquility in the world.In the Hizbullah of Lebanon and their valiant leadership I see the true supporters of the Sahibuz Zamaan (A.S).May the Almighty protect and continue to guide them.


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