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Arab Joint List Members Removed during Pence’s Knesset Speech Amnesty UK Withdraws From Hosting ’Israel’ Event Due To Settlements Amazon Opens First Supermarket with No Checkouts At All Iran Drills: Second Day Witnesses Cruise Missile Launching Scores Killed by Yemeni Missile on Saudi Camp Glass Was Made in Africa Centuries before Arrival of Europeans Iran: Europe’s ‘Concessions’ Make Trump less Committed to Nuclear Deal Slovenia Ready to Recognize the Palestinian State The Rise of Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Reveals a Harsh Truth US Shutdown: Congress Passes Bill, Trump Claims Victory Magnitude 8.2 #Quake Off #Alaska Prompts #Tsunami Warning #Bahraini Regime Forces Detain Dozens from all #Bahraini Provinces after Dawn Raids, Take Them to Unknown Destination #Yemen: 8 Civlians, including 4 Children, Martyred in a #Saudi Airstrike on their car in #Saada #Yemeni Missile Force Launches a Short-range Ballistic Missile on the #Saudi Najran Force Military Base #Syrian Army, Allies Start Storming the Abo Dhhour Military Airbase #Syrian Army, Allies Advance towards the intersection of Om Joura town near the Abu Dhhour Military Airbase 11 Killed, 46 Injured in #Turkey Bus Crash Sayyed #Nasrallah: #Hezbollah affirms its rejection of the #American arrogance and the #Zionist scheme Sayyed #Nasrallah: There are #Arab regimes that continue to pressure the #Palestinians to accept the little presented to them Sayyed #Nasrallah: One of the major challenges #Iraqi forces are to face is to reject the presence of #US forces
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riyaz / India : 16-12-2012 | 06-16 m |
you people r real patriots. because you people resist invasion.i salute you


Fabrice Henric / Tunesia : 29-11-2012 | 13-51 m |
The Zionist state is weaker and weaker as time goes by... what renders them weak is their fear of death.

And no matter how many ultra modern arms they may dispose of, in the final analysis, it is their fear of death due to the fact that they perfectly know they are in reality worshipper's of the Sheitan which make's them fear death so much and will cause their ultimate defeat!

Long live the Hizbollah, death to the Zionist state!

Answer the Call

Sam Dunlap / USA : 26-11-2012 | 20-50 m |

I am ready to answer the call to duty. I will return to Lebanon soon.
God Willing.

Sam Dunlap
Temecula, CA

Your a real solder from Tehran

Mansoureh Ganjali / Iran : 24-11-2012 | 00-15 m |
We are ready for all for Islam. May Allah gives us to drop our blood for Imam Khamenei, Sayed hassan Nasrolah and all our real lovers as Imam Zaman's solders.
Please let us to take part to all Islamic activities for Allah.
We are at Islam and Hezbollah service.
Please take care yourselves, all our dears

Thankful and congrotualtion

Mansoureh / Iran : 24-11-2012 | 00-02 m |
congratulation to all muslims around the world because of victory of resistance against israel.
Inshaallah we can together vanish Israel from the earth as soon as possible. Allah keep you all my dears.


Jad Mouawad / Lebanon : 12-11-2012 | 20-32 m |
All my support

Salam Heroes

Mohammad Ali / India : 05-11-2012 | 11-34 m |
Hizbullah activists are real Hero of Islam.
Salam to u all Heroes,
we are with you.

We love real Islam................


Peter Jobin / Canada : 20-10-2012 | 22-12 m |
I hope that Hizbullah sends more drones over Occupied Palestine.

All the best to Hizbollah

Henrik Skov / Czech Republic : 18-10-2012 | 20-17 m |
Nice web page, to get updated in the resistance, besides I hope the page also will explain Hizbollah's views to all those who are victims of western propaganda. All my support are with you :)


Rott / Italy : 16-10-2012 | 12-39 m |
Save the world from the evil Zionist and free your land .

Nasru minallahi wa fat-hun qariib!

iddi / Uganda : 09-10-2012 | 22-38 m |
Asalaamu alaikum. Oh! Allah save us from the fitna of America and Israel. Oh! Allah grant ultimate victory to Muslims in all parts of the world. Oh! Allah grant victory to Hizbullah. Oh! Allah garnt us Janaatul Firdaws. Amiin!!!

down with israel

cire regnerf / Algeria : 07-10-2012 | 00-34 m |
make Hezbolah stronger we need to fight for our right Israel is the problem

Nasru minallahi wa fat-hun qariib!

Iddi / Uganda : 06-10-2012 | 23-49 m |
If we had the ability to join you we would, verily. We pray that Allah saves us from the fitna of Israel and America. May Allah aid you in this struggle. Amin!

allah is god

eric frenger / USA : 06-10-2012 | 05-55 m |
keep strong syria, allah bless you we need to come up with the final solution


Hussein Atwi / Canada : 26-09-2012 | 04-53 m |
Death to Israel
Death to America

Labbaik Ya Hazbullah

Mustafa Ali / India : 18-09-2012 | 13-09 m |
Salam to All Hizbullah Activists,

this website is the only way to reach hizbullah from all over the world and to remain upto date with Hizbullah's activities and messages from the various leaders of Hizbullah like Hassan Nassarullah...
I feel proud to be a fan of Hibullah ... always pray for Hizbullah's victory in all aspects...
long live Hizbullah

Labaik Ya Hizbullah
Labaik Ya Nasarullah

Birthday Wishes

Kerry Sparling / Canada : 30-08-2012 | 13-26 m |
I wish to offer congratulations to Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah on this, the day of his glorious birth. May he have health,wisdom, multiple blessings, & long life as he works towards the day the "Zionist" entity has disappeared from the Middle East.

we are 99.99 %

reza / Iran : 29-08-2012 | 14-13 m |
Dear resistant sisters and brothers, we stand beside you and resist till our last blood drop

We are including many ones all around the world, who want to end the dominance of anti human dominance of zionisim, we are 99.99 %


javad / Iran : 26-08-2012 | 17-45 m |
hezbollah homolghaleboon enshaallah

fetr saeid

fatimeh / Iran : 22-08-2012 | 11-29 m |
thank you for your attention
eidokom mabrook


ERFAN / Iran : 19-08-2012 | 13-23 m |
الموت الاسرائيل

Happy Eid

Kerry Sparling / Canada : 18-08-2012 | 14-56 m |
I offer my warmest greetings & best wishes to the Shia of Iran, Lebanon, and around the world as you break the fast and celebrate Eid. May Allah protect and guide you in the upcoming year. May He continue to give divine guidance to Sayyed Nasrallah & Ayatollah Khamenei, to strengthen and edify them as we continue the struggle against the “Zionist” entity.


Davood Nasiri / Iran : 14-08-2012 | 17-52 m |


altaf hussaini / Pakistan : 31-07-2012 | 23-41 m |
God bless you Sayed Hassan Nasrullah, may Allah give you long life & courage... salam & Ramadan blessings

Ramadan Mubarak

Kerry Sparling / Canada : 19-07-2012 | 22-26 m |
I wish to pass greetings to the Shia of Lebanon, Iran, and around the world as you start the glorious & sacred month of Ramadan. May Allah give you all the special blessings you desire & may he protect, strengthen, and enlighten those who lead you.

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