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Halutz: We failed to Assasinate (Sayyed) Nasrallah
Source:, 03-05-2009

Former ‘Israeli' Chief of Staff Dan Halutz reveled to ‘Israeli' Channel 2 that ‘Israel' had failed to assassinate Hizbullah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah during the ‘Israeli' war on Lebanon in 2006.

Halutz said: We have tried to assassinate (Sayyed) Nasrallah and if we had been close enough to him he would have been dead now. We have tried everything in our capacity and we used every sophisticated means of technology to get to him to no avail. If we had found him we would have killed him".

04-05-2009 | 01:40

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JB: No...

06-10-2011 | 05-17 m

Will not and will never happen, EVER! No! For he is the most special, thanks to Our Lord!

Hassan: God is more powerfull than any weapon!

21-10-2010 | 07-55 m

Dan Halutz - An Inconpetant Fool.

Any true believer in Allah S.W.T is protected by the allmighty against all evil and when the date the allmighty has placed upon the sould existence in this earth is over. it shall return to its lord. trying with any weapons or technology available is all pointless and "Isreal's" should rather use their energy and technology to seek the truth. and when they find it they can use it to build bigger boats to get there leeches and war mongering people out of the palestinians land. just like they came by FORCE they will one day leave by FORCE

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