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Sayyed Nasrallah: 10,000 Palestinian detainees have no right to defend themselves, while a captured ’’Israeli’’ soldie
Source:, 30-06-2006

Hizbullah Secretary-General his Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, warned from "exerting pressure on the Palestinian resistance to release the captured "Israeli" soldier without something in return. His Eminence considered it will close the doors shut on the release of some 10,000 detainees held by the enemy".

Sayyed Nasrallah was speaking at the Central Celebration held on Friday afternoon for the launching of summer activities.

His Eminence wondered how 10,000 Palestinian detainees have no right to defend themselves, while a captured "Israeli" soldier gives "Israel" permission of self-defense. He said: "A Palestinian is not entitled to attack a military target to free 10,000 detainees, an act considered terrorist by the American administration, whereas the enemy government, to release a soldier captured in action, has the right to defend itself by besieging more than one million people in a tight area, bomb power stations, destroy bridges, bomb educational institutions, kill, starve and terrify civilians".
He told: "Even to decide to plan such a sweep over of the whole Gaza Strip .. is allowed as far as Americans are concerned."

He added: the Mujahideen in Palestine captured an "Israeli" soldier, for this reason the enemy government kidnapped elected MPs and Cabinet ministers who received confidence from democratically elected MPs in a democratic process.

He asked: Where are the guardians of democracy and protectors of human rights? The American administration here does not stand on the fence - neutral, and if it did "that would be half the problem solvedâ€‌; should it deal with the executioner and the victim as equals, still that “would be half the problem solvedâ€‌.
"But here the American administration stands with the executioner as a partner in the siege, the shelling, the killing, the starvation and the daily terror of the Palestinian people and the entire region", Nasrallah said.

He continued: "There is a debate on whether the capture of an "Israeli" soldier is worth the Palestinian people going through all this suffering?"
Nasrallah added: "Some even try to underestimate this act, play down its importance, even categorize it as a serious and grave error committed by the resistance in Palestine, but in fact it is never like this".

"To start with, this is not a question of an "Israeli" soldier taken prisoner to be discussed from this angle. The real underlying question is that of 10,000 detainees in "Israeli" prisons, only guilty of seeking freedom, independence, dignity and a liberated country".
H.E. goes on saying: "These thousands of detainees in "Israeli" prisons form an issue of a truly humanitarian, jihadi and national nature in the true sense of the word.

Hence, the question is not one of a captured "Israeli" soldier but a matter concerning 10,000 prisoners and detainees in "Israeli" prisons, living under harsh and difficult conditions".

"In occupation prisons, there are women and children, even infants, ignored by a whole silent world and an Arab world dominated by stillness and silence, fear and disgrace controlling the hearts of many of them, ultimately emphasizing that the only way available to liberate thousands of detainees in "Israeli" prisons is by this means and this path", he told.

He said: ""Israelis" now say: we are unable to concede to the principle of negotiating for a prisoner exchange. So, have you started now?! "Throughout your lives you have only worked according to this principle".

"Today while we understand, appreciate and grasp the extreme pressures the resistance in Palestine is being subjected to, both externally and internally, we unite our voices and stands with theirs to say yes this issue is worth that level of sacrifice, confrontation and steadiness for it is a matter of principle and the issue of 10,000 detainees. It is also the issue of those who could be arrested in the future too".

"What is happening now is a major crossroad and not a passing event, nor a normal political occurrence. It is a historic crossroad at which either this methodology is secured in the prisoners and detainees issue, or a different methodology becomes established."

His Eminence warned states, governments, political parties and leaders "against putting pressure on the Palestinian resistance for the release this "Israeli" soldier without something in return, because should this pressure result in a release, it would mean the operation failed. This will not limit failure to the operation only, but will encourage enemy leadership to adopt a different methodology when it comes to prisoners and detainees, thereby completely closing the doors shut on the ten thousand detainees in enemy prisons".

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