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Sayyed Nasrallah calls for a strict investigation into Sunday’s events
Source: Al Manar, 06-02-2006

Hizbullah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah called on the government to open an investigation into Sunday's events to determine responsibilities. Sayyed Nasrallah warned political and religious powers as well as media outlets, that they should heed their speeches and comments as the situation in Lebanon is critical.

Part of the Sayyed Speech in the 7th night of commemorating Ashura:

Of course everyone has a duty, but it is not right to violate the people`s properties, sanctities, dignities and religious places.

The government should open a strict investigation into what happened.
The responsibility is distributed.
What is the responsibility of the security forces?
It is easy for anyone, at any time, to accuse security forces without any data, or accuse the demonstrators or anyone else.

This is not right. Therefore the government must open an investigation and determine the responsibility of the security forces and determine, as well, the responsibility of the organizers.

This is not just for today, but for the future, let us agree that when any group calls for a demonstration, this group must be responsible for managing and directing it.
Of course no one replaces the authorities, but the cooperation between the civil society and the authorities and with security forces prevents such incidents from taking place.
Determining the responsibilities of some protesters is crucial. Those who were in the front rows, and in other specific places, those youngsters who became tense, we have to know what happened to them.

Why were they strained?
Why did they behave in this manner and how did things get out of control?
This needs investigation. It is very easy brothers and sisters that the government or some political groups, meet and search for someone to blame without investigation and without follow up. This is very easy.

This is a sign of failure that is to simply say that "x" is responsible for planning and executing.

This is nonsense. Take it easy on the country.
This country cannot be ruled with the mentality of pre-accusations, disregarding facts, not investigating and politicizing events.

This is dangerous. What is required is a serious handling of the situation, because the current political atmosphere warns of looming dangers.
We have to face this situation through national unity. And we hope that the mistakes which we all refused are not exploited to instigate a religion against another or a sect against another.

Whoever is exploiting such events for religious and sectarian instigation is betraying the country`s trust and its future and the future of the generations to come.
It is wrong to use what happened for political ends that have religious and sectarian characteristics.

Before we address the bases and the people, and call on them to observe discipline, I want to renew may address to the political and religious leaderships, as well as media outlets in Lebanon, to heed their speeches, their words and what they are saying.

04-01-2008 | 12:56

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