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’’14 March’’ fails to create a split between Nasrallah & Aoun over Baabda
Source: Daily Star, 25-04-2006

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah denied Monday that Hizbullah had ever put forth a name for Lebanon`s presidency, dismissing speculation that his party had "rejected" Michel Aoun as a candidate.

"I urge the March 14 Forces to properly put forth Aoun`s name on the national dialogue table as a candidate, and only then they will get a proper answer from me," Nasrallah declared during a ceremony commemorating the 28th anniversary of Samir Kantar`s abduction by "Israel".

"If I said `yes` to Aoun outside the dialogue, he would become part of a media circus and be burned on the international scene as a candidate sponsored by `a (so-called) terrorist group,` and if I said `no` to Aoun, they would use it as a fire to ignite problems between the Free Patriotic Movement and Hizbullah-Amal`s paper of understanding," he argued.
Nasrallah said Hizbullah would not be putting forth names as candidates, "and will listen and either disagree or agree with the names put forth."

He also took the opportunity to clarify Hizbullah`s positions on some of the issues discussed in the national dialogue.

"We never agreed on border demarcation ... but rather agreed on the occupied Shibaa Farms being Lebanese, as announced by Speaker Nabih Berri," he said. "Until they are liberated ... there can be no demarcation." On disarmament, Nasrallah said some local politicians "lack understanding of what proper statesmen are supposed to do."
"We can`t just demand that arms be handed over without a proper plan for Lebanon`s defense," Nasrallah argued. "We said we are open for discussions and even for the idea of unifying Hizbullah with the army, but this needs to be carefully planned."
He also discussed the cases of Lebanese missing since the Civil War and those detained in Syria, suggesting that these be included in the next round of dialogue and turned into "a humanitarian file, which does not involve politics."

"It seems only some mass graves were `discovered` so they can be thrown in Syria`s face," he said, "and the rest remained closed for fear of their local implications. We need to reach an agreement on where mass graves are not to be used as political tools, but as a form of providing long-overdue peace of mind for many Lebanese families."

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