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Hizbullah`s Secretary General: We will fight to the death anyone who thinks about disarming the resistance by force
source: Daily Star, 28-05-2005

summary: While the Lebanese people are busy with the elections, many officials and politicians are thinking about the post-election phase. Despite fierce competition in Mount Lebanon, the North and the Bekaa after the alliance between opposition forces and FPM leader Michel Aoun failed, many electoral calculations are linked to preparations for the next phase and to the post-election orientations of the authorities.

Hizbullah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah`s fiery Liberation Day comments Wednesday in Bint Jbeil come in this context. Nasrallah linked Hizbullah`s disarmament with achievement of a peace settlement in the region and asserted the party will fight to the death anyone who thinks about disarming the resistance by force.‏‏‏‏
He urged parties that established contacts with "Israel" in the past and relied on the U.S. not to do so again, and suggested they reach an understanding with their local partners instead, including Hizbullah.‏‏‏‏
Observers found that Nasrallah`s speech included political dimensions:‏‏‏‏
Nasrallah gave Hizbullah`s weapons a regional function when he linked disarming to the settlement of the "Israeli"-Palestinian conflict and not to "Israel's" withdrawal from the Shibaa Farms.‏‏‏‏
Nasrallah`s speech came at a time when some Western ambassadors are polling opinions of Lebanese officials and leaders regarding implementation of the clause in UN Resolution 1559 related to disarming Hizbullah.‏‏‏‏
The ambassadors` movements seem to reflect a certain urgency on the issue, which prompted Nasrallah to ensure that no Lebanese official would respond positively to such calls, especially after U.S. statements Hizbullah should disarm after elections.‏‏‏‏
Nasrallah`s attack on foreign interference in Lebanese affairs and elections is a call on the Lebanese to proclaim Hizbullah`s weapons an internal affair to be addressed via internal dialogue.‏‏‏‏
By refusing the proposals of foreign ambassadors for the party to store its heavy weapons and maintain lighter weapons, Nasrallah once more reiterated his alliances with the Future Movement, the Democratic Gathering and Amal Movement were based on the belief the Lebanese should be keen on the weapons. Therefore, he called on his allies to hold on to that position.‏‏‏‏
But some observers noticed Nasrallah has not commented, either for or against, a proposal that the resistance could be turned into an independent military unit attached to the army.‏‏‏‏

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