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Sayyed Nasrallah: Hizbullah wants to keep the region war-free
source: Kods Time, 14-10-2005

summary: Hizbullah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah stressed the only option left for Lebanon in the coming stage is the choice of resistance. He said that despite international attempts to interfere in the resistance issue, the Lebanese have been able to transform UN resolution 1559 from an issue that yields to international pressure, to an internal matter. Sayyed Nasrallah emphasized that Hizbullah does not want to drag the region into war, but it wants to retrieve the rest of occupied lands and the rest of prisoners in "Israeli" jails.

His eminence called for dealing with the Palestinian issue in Lebanon with wisdom.‏‏
Part of his speech‏‏

Steadfastness, defense and resistance. I said in Bint-Jebeil, dear sisters and kind ladies, and I repeat it here, we don`t want to drag the region into war.‏‏
If there is someone who thinks that our project is war in the region then he is mistaken. We don`t want to drag the region into war.‏‏
You, Jerusalem (al-Quds) and Palestine, I tell you that the Palestinian people with our support and the support of the peoples of the region and the peoples of the free world is capable of regaining his land.‏‏

We do not need a regional war to regain the land, on the contrary, other strategies could be more efficient, and this is another issue.‏‏
I am talking here about defending our country.‏‏
We want to retrieve the rest of our country.‏‏
We want to retrieve the rest of our prisoners.‏‏
Yes, I admit that there are some concerns in Lebanon.‏‏
Some say that these arms are in the possession of a certain party, meaning Hizbullah, and the majority of this party`s leadership, cadres and members belong to a certain Lebanese religion.‏‏

This raises concern, I tell you, yes this is an issue worth discussing. First, we can engage in a dialogue to discuss what are the regulations, mechanisms and elements that erase this concern?‏‏

What are the things that reassure the Lebanese, so that these weapons cease to be a reason for their concern?‏‏
Second, there are facts and a history of conduct that is before the liberation, during the liberation in the year 2000 and after that date.‏‏

It was a good experience and it was disciplined and well-mannered, it saw no aggressions, no stealing, no plundering and no killing.‏‏
It did not see the killing of those who committed crimes, it did not see the killing of those who killed and tortured men and women at the Khiyam detention center.‏‏
It did not see the demolishing of the homes of those who demolished homes in southern Lebanon.‏‏

If we have a party with this level of moral and national commitment...If we have a party with this level of moral and national commitment, we did not introduce this commitment as a slogan and it is not a speech, it is a reality that you have lived with us through very long years, and therefore, there is no meaning for this concern, even though I say that this concern could be licit, but we are ready to discuss it in any case.‏‏
We should agree amongst ourselves, we must solve all of our differences in this country through dialogue, through agreement and through discussion.‏‏

This means that we take it easy on each other. There is a ceiling called: "Dialogue, cooperation and agreement," and there is a ceiling called:‏‏
"Sedition is forbidden" "fighting is forbidden, "and "returning to the past is forbidden." We should also get over mines.‏‏

I call on dealing with the Palestinian issue in Lebanon with wisdom. No one should deal with the Palestinian issue in Lebanon as if the Palestinians were enemies or foes, or a factor of tension, this is not true.‏‏

A number of exaggerated issues have been raised. Palestinians are our brothers and our people, an oppressed people that suffered like no other people in this region.‏‏
Based on brotherhood, humanity, nationalism, values and mutual interests, we should deal with this issue with calmness, wisdom and responsibility, and we should not allow anyone to be dragged into what could serve the interests of the "Israeli" enemy against our country.‏‏

Moreover, regarding relations with Syria, Lebanon cannot become a country hostile to Syria. These are not the values of Lebanon or the interests of Lebanon. They are neither the values of Lebanon nor its interests.‏‏
There is confusion between Lebanon and Syria, there are certain problems and difficulties and we must work on solving them.‏‏

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