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Sayyed Nasrallah: Next Victory Unequivocally Decisive

Hizbullah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah vowed decisive victory against "Israel" if it launches any attack against Lebanon.

Addressing the Imam Mahdi (pbuh) scouts in Beirut's southern suburb, Sayyed Nasrallah said that the Islamic Resistance leadership sees that "this sum of threats and noise against Lebanon is attributed to internal reasons inside "Israel"." "We do not underestimate or undervalue these threats, but we deal with them with confidence and resolution."

His eminence also pledged that any new war "Israel" will impose on Lebanon "will be swift and victory shall be fast, crystal clear and unequivocally decisive. The army of our enemy will witness an unprecedented method of fighting by courageous, tough and devoted resistance fighters in the battlefield; something they had never seen since the establishment of their usurping entity."

"I would like to confirm that those recent threats made by ("Israeli" PM Ehud) Olmert and some of his ministers also come within the same framework of intimidation and psychological war against Lebanon, otherwise, there is no rationale for all of this.

The "Israelis" speak about the policy statement of the Lebanese government and say that the government has adopted the resistance and has given Hizbullah an umbrella, therefore it has to pay the price.

This is ridiculous, because the policy statement of the former government was a text stronger in supporting the resistance than the present one, yet Zionist leaders did not say that it covered the resistance and adopted it. Today the "Israelis" need to speak this language of intimidation and blackmail.

On the other hand, they also need it because they have Kadima elections coming up and it goes without saying that (Foreign Minister Tsibi) Livni and (Minister of Transportation and a Deputy Prime Minister Shaul) Mofaz will be at loggerheads to lead the party. The "Israelis" might hold early legislative elections as well, so the Labor party, Kadima and Likud will engage in competition.
Moreover, there is a current crisis of leadership inside the Zionist entity and therefore, everyone is trying to project himself as the leader, the expert and the savior. They have entered the phase of outbidding, and threatening Lebanon is no exception.

Of course Olmert has his own special circumstances; the "Israeli" media is no longer commenting on him. The "Israeli" media lashed out at Olmert saying ‘when you were stronger than today, you unleashed threats and promises and proved to be a failure.'

Well, Olmert the loser who is packing for leaving is talking to us this way, nevertheless we have to understand his personal and psychological circumstances.

However, we should not underestimate or undervalue these threats; we should not be pressured by them as well and cause a state of fear...I can tell you from the position of someone who is very cognizant with the resistance, its development and its capabilities after the 2006 war, the "Israelis" will think tens of thousands of times before they decide to wage a war against Lebanon.

Look at (War Minister Ehud) Barak's approach when he speaks about balance between Lebanon and "Israel" or between the resistance and "Israel" and when he assails and threatens Syria and Iran. He says that if you provide modern anti-aircraft weapons (to Hizbullah) you will be disturbing the balance and "Israel" will not allow this to happen. Barak is acknowledging the current balance and he's afraid of breaking it. We do not need to face a threat with another threat.

We believe in action not in words. We made pledges and we fulfilled them before and today we make pledges and we will fulfill them: Any attack or any war against Lebanon will have very different results and repercussions that begin from the results and repercussions of the July 2006 war.

The new "Israeli" threat is not the "Israeli" air force; it's what Barak is saying about a ground operation that he will carry out to invade Lebanon in a matter of days. He is speaking about five divisions under construction for that purpose. He is saying that these forces are going to change the equation and that they will be engaged in a house-to-house battle.

I tell Barak, and this is my new pledge, your five divisions will be crushed on our mountains, valleys, houses and villages and with them, your usurping entity will be destroyed. Mofaz, Barak, (Chief of Staff Gabi) Ashkenazi and others are speaking about a swift and successful war, but I tell them that, even though we hate to see this war happening, our next victory will be definite, unequivocally decisive and crystal clear.

This army will see in the battlefields, in the eyes of the resistance fighters and in their fists, things they have never seen since the establishment of the Zionist entity, God willing."

25-08-2008 | 10:53

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