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Hamas: US «Terror» Designation for Haniya Won’t Deter Resistance
Local Editor

The US decision to put the head of Palestinian movement Hamas Ismail Haniya on its "terror blacklist" on Wednesday will not deter the group's "resistance" to the "Israeli" entity, the movement said.

Head of Palestinian movement Hamas Ismail Haniya

"The American decision to include (Ismail) Haniya on the terrorist list is a failed attempt to pressure the resistance," said the resistance group.

"This decision will not deter us from continuing the resistance option to expel the occupation," it said in a statement.

Hamas, which has fought three wars against the "Israeli" entity since 2008, receives support from Iran.

In a separate statement, Hamas said the decision "demonstrates the American bias in favor of the ‘Israeli' occupation," while calling on the US to reverse its "hostile policies and decisions" on the resistance group.

The designation announced in Washington puts Haniya on the US Treasury sanctions blacklist, which freezes any US-based assets he may have and bans any US person or company from doing business with him.

Source: News Agencies, Edited by website team

01-02-2018 | 14:36

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