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Iran: Popular Rallies for Third Day in Show of Unity, Strength
Local Editor

People have taken to the streets throughout Iran for a third consecutive day to show their solidarity with the Islamic establishment and censure the recent scattered riots in some areas of the country.


On Friday, Iranians rallied across the capital Tehran, Tabriz and Sari and Kerman, shouting slogans against the foreign-backed violence and holding up placards and national flags.

Last Thursday, some towns and cities witnessed peaceful protests against recent price hikes and the overall economic conditions.

The protests, however, turned violent after rioters, who were later revealed to have received the support of foreign intelligence agencies, entered the fray and tried to create unrest.

Security forces then took on the riotous elements after the original protesters left the scene honoring a call by authorities. The situation has now returned to normal in most parts of the country.

Meanwhile, Imam of Tehran Friday Prayer Sayyed Ahmad Khatami addressed the recent events ahead of the rallies, saying, "A voice that speaks on behalf of [US President Donald] Trump and [Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu does not belong to the [Iranian] nation."

He was referring to the politicians' vociferous support for the riots.

The riots, he said, were financed by Saudi Arabia and planned by the United States, adding that there had been plans to send arms to the country from abroad to overthrow its Islamic establishment.

Sayyed Khatami, however, said the initial protesters were rightful and that their voice should not get lost in the melee.

For his part, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said people are free to criticize and hold protests to express their views according to law, but the manner of expressing criticism must help improve Iran's conditions.

Source: News Agencies, Edited by website team


05-01-2018 | 13:35

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