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‘Israel’ Unveils Intelligence Fusion Unit 3060
Local Editor

A senior ‘Israeli' military intelligence officer unveiled an intelligence fusion unit established in 2014, called Unit 3060.


According to the officer, the unit functions as the military's "intelligence processor," developing operational data sharing tools for the military's field intelligence officers.
The new unit is dubbed the "Purple Unit". It numbers some 400 soldiers and officers.

Armies today rely on an ever-expanding variety of information sources. These include visual data like aerial imagery collected by drones and satellites, data maps depicting targeted movement, photographs and videos taken in the field, audio recordings and text-based data like reports.

One challenge brought-on by this wealth of data is processing and transferring information between intelligence gathering and processing units and the army's operational units.

Unit 3060 develops software and applications designed to streamline and improve the information flow. Among other technological solutions, the unit developed and operates an artificial intelligence-based software called ‘Albert,' which translates information to a simple graphic interface, similar to a smartphone app, and transmits it to operational forces on the ground.

To ensure its technological superiority the unit nurtures relationships with the ‘Israeli' tech community and academia, the officer said.

In parallel, Calcalist reported on Wednesday that the ‘Israeli' ministry of education is developing a training program designed to prepare high-school students for big data-related military roles.

The program is designed in collaboration with Unit 8200, the ‘Israeli' military's NSA equivalent. In the past years, Zionist officials and military officers repeatedly referred to the increased use of big data capabilities to counter terror attacks, including through social media monitoring.

In November, Calcalist reported that the Zionist military plans to set up a department dedicated to big data research. Citing a high-ranking military officer who spoke on condition of anonymity, Calcalist reported that the premier objective of the military's big data research is to incorporate the technology into military operations and make it accessible to combat units, for example for use in weapon performance analysis.

Source: News Agencies, Edited by website team


05-01-2018 | 09:53

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