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No Respect, No Justice, No Equality in Saudi Arabia
Mohammed H. Siddiq

A Riyadh University professor, who preferred not be to named, said, "The people of Arabia have no common vision of a nation-state called Arabia - no sense of citizenship.


The mosque and the soccer team are about the only things that unite them. The hierarchies and structures that help hold most modern states together do not exist in Saudi Arabia. They have been undermined and distorted by loyalties to a bunch of illegitimate, greedy and immoral ruling kings." I agree with the professor wholeheartedly.

This native son of Arabia is numbed by the ongoing, unfair conduct of the ruling amir, who entertains no notion of civil, much less moral standards. He is camouflaged by religious opinions of his appointed judges. The amir is replete with inequality and injustice of which only criminals and perverted minds could conceive.

It is impossible to give a factual number of how many citizens have been killed, tortured and cheated by the amirs or the barbaric means they have used to achieve their objectives. It is not hard to connect the dots between the torture of dissidents in China and Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi system operates on this principle: The government is designed to ensure that power circulates in the hands of a few amirs. An amir's job is to teach the masses how to follow orders and behave like good subjects or else you will be punished or destroyed. In Saudi Arabia, you not only lose your rights, but you also lose your dignity and individuality.

Source: Grand Island Independent, Edited by website team

26-09-2017 | 15:13

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