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Al-Ahed Reveals the Final Draft of the Reduction of Tensions Deal in Syria’s Homs
Local Editor

The Al-Ahed news website obtained the final draft of the agreement for the reduction of tensions in Syria's Homs province, specifically in its northern countryside. The treaty consists of a total of ten pages involving several agreements signed each time by the parties themselves.


The following parties signed the agreement:

1- The representative of the revolutionaries in Deir Baalba, the Revolutionary Council of Deir Baalba and the Ahfad Omar Brigade: Abdel Salam al-Najeeb
2 - The representative of the Revolutionary Command Council in Homs: Abdel Rahman Zini
3 - The representative of the Jaish Al-Tawheed: Alaa al-Din Muhammad al-Ali

The guarantor was the representative of the Russian Federation, while the head of the Syria's Tomorrow Movement Ahmed Al-Jarba was listed in the "witnesses" category.

The agreement was divided into six sections as follows:

1. Section I: An agreement (of three pages consisting of fifteen items) signed by all aforementioned parties

2 - Section II: Provisions (one page that included five items) signed by all sides. At the bottom of the page a sentence read: "We agree to the provisions."

3. Section III: Provisions (one page that included seven items) signed by all parties

4. Section IV: Rules (one page with seven items) referred to in alphabetical order from (a) to (d). Before the names of the signatures appear, a phrase reads; "We agree to the rules of the use of weapons". It was signed by all of the aforementioned parties.

5 - Section V: Work System (two pages which included four items). In each article there are several items. There are four items, and the total number of the items on this page is thirteen items. It was signed in the bottom by all parties.

6. Section VI: Mechanism (two pages comprising four articles), and each article carrying several items. The total number of items is nine. It was noted that item No. 2 related to the work mechanism of the Center for Reconciliation was divided into two points.

One of the most important items observed is the commitment of the signatories to the agreement to carry out all the necessary practical measures to expel "Daesh" militants and the "Levant Liberation Committee - Al-Nusra" from the stated areas, designated for reducing tensions, before September 10.

Source: Al-Ahed News

28-08-2017 | 09:25

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