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Shamkhani to Al-Ahed: Hezbollah’s Recent Victories Herald the Approaching End of the ’Zionist Daesh’
Mokhtar Haddad

The Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ali Shamkhani, congratulated the Lebanese people, its government and resistance on the occasion of the 11th anniversary, marking Lebanon's victory during the July 2006 war.

Ali Shamkhani

In a statement to Al-Ahed website, Shamkhani said that "the Islamic resistance in 2006 - relying on the faith and heroism of its martyred mujahideen - ridiculed the myth of the ‘invincible Zionist army' and proved that the sons of the Islamic nation can humiliate the most powerful armies when they decide to do so and defend their people from the aggressors, through the weapon of faith and jihad."

For his part, the Secretary-General of Hezbollah, His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, said that the sincerity, courage, and vision of Hezbollah are crucial to the movement and role of the resistance group in bringing about national unity in the country as well as security and stability.

Shamkhani, who is also a rear admiral [upper half], asserted that the sincerity, courage, and vision of Sayyed Nasrallah are crucial to the movement and the role of Hezbollah in bringing about national unity as well as security and stability within Lebanon's borders.

The Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council views the victory of the Islamic resistance in Lebanon during the 33-day war as an inspiration for the resistance of the Palestinian people and Palestinian resistance groups, especially during the Gaza wars.

The admiral also pointed out that Hezbollah, today, in its war against Takfiri terrorists managed to subdue extremism and terrorism in Lebanon, inflicting painful blows on the terrorists.

He added that the latest operation in Arsal displayed the serious will of Hezbollah to purge the region of the terrorist scourge and showed how it utilized all its energy to strengthen internal security in Lebanon and along the Syrian border.

Shamkhani described Hezbollah's role in defeating the Takfiri groups in Syria and preserving Lebanon's security as "very important", pointing out that the broad popularity of Hezbollah in the Islamic world and the Arab countries has angered the Zionist entity and its agents.

The Iranian official added that Hezbollah, alongside the Lebanese army, has managed to prevent terrorist groups from laying their roots in this country, while obstructing attempts to weaken the national and social security in Lebanon.

Shamkhani stressed that the Islamic Republic of Iran will continue to strongly support the resistance and the countries confronting terrorism.

Shamkhani criticized Washington's double standards in the fight against terrorism, referring to the frequent landing of American helicopters in the areas controlled by "Daesh" and the US raids that targeted forces of the Iraqi popular mobilization units along the border with Syria.

"Unfortunately, continuing its double standards, America is not only taking action that deny its claims in the fight against terrorism, but - through its policy - also continues to be the main supporter of terrorism in the region," he said.

Shamkhani concluded by saying that the recent victories of the resistance front, which was achieved with the blood of the great martyrs, heralded the approaching end of the Western-Jewish-Arab project and the elimination of the "Zionist Daesh" in the region, adding that we would soon see the return of security and stability in West Asia.

Source: Al-Ahed News

16-08-2017 | 13:25

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