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Reports: UAE Runs 18 Secret Prisons in Yemen, Torture to the Extent of ’Roasting’ Prisoners!
Local Editor

The French, Le Monde, newspaper revealed that there were 18 secret prisons run by the United Arab Emirates in southern Yemen.

UAE Runs 18 Secret Prisons in Yemen, Torture to the Extent of "Roasting" Prisoners!

Based on media and human rights reports, the daily uncovered that US interrogators inside these prisons participated in investigations and interrogations of Yemeni prisoners.

It further mentioned that some of these prisoners were transferred to Saudi Arabia or the UAE.

Le Monde confirmed that the UAE had a declared goal in Yemen i.e. fighting the Ansarullah movement. However, it has a hidden goal resembled by fighting the "Islah" [Reform] Party i.e. connected to the Muslim Brotherhood movement.

The newspaper added that the United Arab Emirates supports the "Abu Abbas" movement, which is fighting the "Islah" [Reform] Party supported by Saudi Arabia.

In a similar context, an AP investigation unveiled the existence of a network of secret prisons in Yemen run by the UAE, where detainees are subjected to various kinds of torture.

The agency said it had documented and verified incidents of the disappearance of hundreds of people in these secret prisons after being arbitrarily detained.

According to the information provided by the AP, these prisoners were subjected to brutal torture, which amounted to "roasting" the prisoner on fire.

The investigation uncovered that these prisons are located inside military bases, airports, ports, and even in residential buildings.

Source: Le Monde, Translated and Edited by website team

07-08-2017 | 12:51

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