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Al-Mekdad: Syria Ready to Provide All Support for LA, «Israel» Supreme Beneficiary of Syria’s Destruction
Mohammad Eid

Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Dr. Faysal al-Mekdad stressed that coordination between Syria and the Lebanese national resistance is ever-present.

Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Dr. Faysal al-Mekdad

"The war on terrorism does not need a green light from anyone. It is legitimate internationally, regionally and nationally and at the level of Lebanon or Syria." Mekdad said. "Global public opinion has become qualified to support any movement against terrorism except for some countries that still have reservations about fighting some of the forces attributed to terrorism".

The senior Syrian official goes on to advise "these countries and the forces associated with them to change the approach because the anti-terrorism movement will trample them and will overcome their rotten thoughts that serve terrorism and invest in it."

In an exclusive interview with the Al-Ahed news website, Mekdad commented on the upcoming battle against Daesh [Arabic acronym for "ISIS" / "ISIL"] in the outskirts of Al-Qaa and Ras Baalbek, stressing "the necessity to provide all capabilities to the Lebanese army if it decides to fight this battle."

"Those who oppose the Lebanese army to fight terrorists are the same as those who opposed fighting terrorism in Syria," he explained.

Mekdad expressed his appreciation in "seeing the resistance fighters lift pictures of the martyrs of the Lebanese army who belong to all of Lebanon," articulating his pride in "the state of popular Arab consensus supporting the resistance and what it has done." He emphasized his conviction that "all Arab countries want to have a resistance of this kind to eliminate terrorism if need be."

He praised "the stances of Lebanese President Michel Aoun and the state of national and popular consensus he enjoys," welcoming "any coordination and at any level chosen by the Lebanese leadership for joint action with Syria."

Mekdad drew Syria's red lines regarding Damascus's non-acceptance of any foreign presence on its territory except those approved by the Syrian government, dismissing the so-called legitimacy of the US-led coalition that targets Syrian civilians and infrastructure.

Regarding the role of "Israel", which is the supreme beneficiary in destroying Syria and shedding the blood of its sons by dealing with the backward Arab regimes, Mekdad said it is the most rigid of Syria's red lines. He confirmed that this is the first time the United Nations, which has always shown pro-"Israel" bias, issued reports of "Israeli" weapons entering Syria, revealing communications between terrorists and Zionist military leaders, as well as the targeting of sites inside Syria to serve the terrorist elements.

On the other hand, Mekdad confirmed that the US did not close the chemical dossier on Syria in a bid to use it to blackmail the Syrian government. He added that there are those who are trying to falsify the truth of what happened in Khan Shaykhun and refuse to send a fact-finding mission there despite their ability to do so because of the relations between the terrorist organizations present there with the countries sponsoring terrorism, including Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey. Meanwhile, there were Syrian citizens from Khan Shaykhun who delivered soil samples to the Syrian government, which has documents about terrorists concealing the blast site to obliterate the facts that prove their guilt.

The Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister offered his assurances to Al-Ahed that the political solution in Syria will only go through the Syrian state, stressing the unity of the land and the people of Syria, as approved by the resolutions of the UN Security Council itself. He stressed that the Syrian vision of the solution is based on the establishment of a national unity government that drafts the constitution inside Syria and not abroad, pointing out the opposition of Britain, France and the US to the drafting of a secular constitution for Syria.

He stressed that Syria provided all that was asked of it in the fight against Daesh and for the purpose of liberating Mosul, stressing the failure of the parties seeking to prevent channels of communications between Syria and Iraq.

Regarding the relationship with the West, Mekdad stressed the need for France to change its failed policy towards Damascus to serve its interests and not the interests of "Israel" and the pockets of some influential figures in the Gulf and inside France that are under Saudi and Zionist pressure in order not to open up to Damascus. He added that when France changes its policy, Syria will not say no to the return of the French ambassador to Damascus at a time when the Syrian embassy in Paris is still open.

On the issue of humanitarian assistance, Mekdad focused on the West's double standard. On the one hand, it prevents the arrival of a single drop of water to those trapped in Kafria and Foua, on the other it uses all its power to ensure the arrival of aid to terrorist organizations in order to strengthen them and enable them to blackmail residents by turning them into hostages, who are then forced to lie about supporting these armed groups.

Regarding the Intifada in Al-Aqsa, Mekdad stressed that Saudi Arabia is conspiring against the Palestinian people, which revealed the truth about its role. He stressed that the Saudi leadership is seeking to suppress the Palestinian people's outpouring of anger so it cannot reach Riyadh especially after the nature of its suspicious role in conspiring against al-Aqsa and other national issues were revealed to Saudi public opinion.

Source: Al-Ahed News

02-08-2017 | 08:43

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