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Erdogan Approves Troop Deployment to Qatar
Local Editor

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan approved legislation on deploying Turkish troops in Qatar, signaling support for the Gulf state after some Arab states imposed isolation on it over its alleged support for terrorism.

Erdogan Approves Troop Deployment to Qatar

Turkey's parliament pushed through the bill Wednesday and Erdogan's rapid approval of it, announced by his office late Thursday, was followed by its publication in the Official Gazette Friday, completing the legislative process.

Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates [UAE], Bahrain and Egypt severed relations with Qatar Monday, accusing it of supporting militants. Several countries followed suit.

Qatar vowed Thursday to ride out the isolation and said it would not compromise its sovereignty over foreign policy to resolve the region's biggest diplomatic crisis in years.

Erdogan also approved another accord between Turkey and Qatar on military training cooperation late Thursday. Both bills were drawn up before the dispute erupted. Turkey has also pledged to provide food and water supplies to Qatar.

Erdogan has said isolating Qatar would not resolve any problems. Erdogan claimed Ankara would do everything in its power to help end the regional crisis.

Turkey maintained good relations with Qatar as well as several of its Gulf Arab neighbors. Turkey and Qatar have both provided support for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and backed militants fighting in Syria.

The bill did not specify how many troops would go nor when.

Source: News Agencies, Edited by website team


09-06-2017 | 10:40

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