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Recent Study: Europe Jews of Khazar Origin

Recent Study: Europe Jews of Khazar Origin
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Local Editor

"Israeli" Haaretz newspaper reported from genetics researcher Dr. Aran al-Hayak that research reached an answer on the most controversial issue in history; the origin of Jews.

Dr. al-Hayak accentuated, "This research is the first that proposes a comprehensive theory clarifying the contradictive efforts exerted regarding this issue."
Al-Hayak, residing in Maryland, USA, performed his genetics research in Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, Baltimore. Those who read his research stated it to be "the most profound research that dealt with the Jewish origin."
The theory stated that "Europe Jews are of Khazar origin, and Jews living in Europe and [occupied Palestine] have Khazar ansectors."

The broad goal of this research was to challenge historians who claim that current Jews originate from inhabitants of The Kingdom of Judah who were banished then returned after thousands of years of exodus.
Moreover, the research advocated the theory that Jews originate from different countries, lived in several regions of the Mediterranean, and became Jews in different phases of history.

According to this theory, the exodus from The Kingdom of Judah (South West Bank today) and Jews' nostalgia is but a myth. Final conclusion: There is no Jewish nation.
As to other non-European Jews, al-Hayak stated, "There are no blood-relations between them and European Jews."

Source: al-Ahed News, translated and edited by