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Report: Milad Kfouri... ISF or Mossad Agent?!

Report: Milad Kfouri... ISF or Mossad Agent?!
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Local Editor

"As-Safir" Lebanese paper reported Monday that "former Minister Michel Samaha's defense team, which is composed of lawyers Youssef Fenianos and Malek as-Sayyed, will initiate what looks like the counterattack in the Samaha case."

"The lawyers will build their defense strategy on the theory that Samaha was lured into transferring the explosive devices in order to frame him," it clarified.

In this context, "ad-Diyar" daily unveiled the agent Milad Kfouri is a friend to the head of the Internal Security Forces Information Branch Wissam Hassan."

The paper also pointed out that " the man visited the Zionist entity from Cyprus many times using a foreign passport," as it highlighted that " Kfouri has close ties with the "Israeli" Mossad secret service since the days of the late minister Elie Hobeika."

"Kfouri's work with the "Israeli" Mossad is of very high level," it highlighted and alluded to the possibility that "the "Israeli" security apparatus revealed some of its agents to Hassan to cover up their link to Kfouri."

"Will the crisis over the agent Kfouri lead to the sacking of the head of the ISF Hassan or immobilizing his work because it has led to a huge crisis – a crisis the size of Lebanon and Syria – after Hassan provided Kfouri with political asylum, just as the case with false witness Mohammad Zuheir Siddiq?" the daily wondered.

It stated " the ISF paid 5 million dollars to Kfouri, to take all the information from Michel Samaha on President Bashar al-Assad and General Ali al-Mamlouk and what all he know about Hizbullah."

"The money have been transferred from one account to another via a European bank to be later set in Kfouri's wife's account," "ad-Diyar" learned.

It also emphasized that "a week ago, Hassan has safeguarded the travel of Kfouri's family to Europe in coordination with an external security device."

Source: Aa-Diyar, Translated and Edited by