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“11-11-11” Renewing Pledge to the 33 Day Divine Victory

Nour Rida

On 11-11, 29 years ago, a young man named Ahmad devoted himself to fight the usurping "Israeli" entity that had invaded the Lebanese territory and set foot on a land that belongs to its natives.

On 11-11, 1982, Kassir executed a self-sacrifice operation, where he killed and injured dozens of "Israeli" soldiers. These were no civilians, only soldiers who used violence, invaded the Lebanon, and occupied its territory.

In that particular year, 1982, the "Israeli" army invaded Lebanon on allegation of "protecting Israel", and the claims that "Israel" was in a state of defense... well, lest we forget what "Israel" did to Lebanon!

So the 1982 invasion of Lebanon was a self-defense act? Or were the different massacres that killed innocent civilians such as the 1984 massacre of Sohmor southern village where dozens were killed, or the 1985 massacre in the southern village of Yohmor in which 20 civilians were killed?

Has history erased from its pages the grapes of wrath in April 1996, lest we forget the Kana first massacre in which 106 martyrs and more than 100 injured? Lest we forget the 2006 aggression on all Lebanon, when "Israel's" unconventional weapons and those of mass destruction killed more than 1,400 civilians, most of which were children and women, has the world forgotten the Southern Suburb, South, and Bekaa regions that were turned into piles of rubble?

Despite the massive "Israeli" violence against Lebanon throughout the years since its 1982invasion, Lebanon triumphed owing to the blood of the martyrs that were shed during the past three decades all the way through until the 33 day war that defeated the so-called invincible "Israeli" army, and turned the resistance into a new school from which the enemy itself has been yearning to learn.

Ahmad Kassir, like many of the faithful Lebanese youth, could not tolerate their land being usurped, families killed, properties destroyed, and like many of the faithful, Ahmad preferred to give up his life for the sake of the lands and people.
They did not engage in a "holy war", they rather strived, exerted effort, and struggled.

On another hand, God has said in his Holy book, the Quran: "Believers are forbidden to resort to unscrupulous methods, indiscriminate killing and pillage." And He the Almighty did say: "Force can be used only when it is unavoidable, and only to the extent necessary."

True it is that many "Israelis" fell dead, but these were only aggressors who savagely wrecked the properties of the Lebanese, bombed and shelled its villages and cities.

And so, the Lebanese youth of resistance had to stand up and fight in face of the commandeers. These youth of resistance, called the mujahideen, spent their lives in struggle, for a better life, and a brighter future to the beloved people of their land. True it is that the capabilities of the resistance men were humble, particularly in face of the "Israeli" enemy which was equipped with fighter jets, tanks, missiles, and other vehicles and arms, a lot of US made, still, they had the strongest weapon ever.

The people of resistance have the strongest possible belief and trust in God, their belief in God and their consciousness are unbreakable "weapons" and sources of inexhaustible power.

A modest ability they had, still they sought scientific and technological superiority to the enemy. They believe that "right is might", work in secrecy, and never disobey orders. Most important, they have lion hearts that fear no death, as death is nothing but a trip to afterlife.

11-11-11, is a day commemorating the first seed of the tree of martyrdom planted 3 decades ago, a tree called life, only an improved school of the 33 day war that led to a divine victory and a renewal of pledge to the fleet of martyrs.


11-11-2011 | 16:07

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jewels: شهداؤنا هم عظمائنا

12-11-2011 | 06-23 m

شهداؤنا هم عظماؤنا، هم صناع امجادنا و تاريخنا و عزتنا و انتصاراتنا، ضحوا بزهرة شبابهم و رووا ارض لبنان بدماءهم الطاهره الزكيه من ان اجل ان نحيا نحن احرار في وطن حرا سيدا و مستقل!
لن ننساكم ابدا يا احبائنا و سنبقى على دربكم سائرون، درب المقاومه و العزه و الكرامه!
لبيك يا سيد المقاومه و لبيك يا نصر من الله، و اطال الله بعمركم و عمر مقاوميكم و عمر كل الشرفاء

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