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Haaretz: Wikileaks Reveals Mossad Fear of War with Hizbullah, Expects it will Launch 100 Missiles a Day at Tel Aviv
Local Editor

Zionist daily Haaretz reported that "Israel" expects next war against Hizbullah to be much more painful, leaked cables reveal, with 24,000 to 36,000 rockets and missiles expected to be launched at "Israel".
Zionist daily Haaretz mentioned, according to a Wikileaks revealed document, that "Israel" expects the next war against Hizbullah will last two months, during which 24,000 to 36,000 rockets and missiles are expected to be launched at "Israel" - about 6,000 of them aimed at Tel Aviv.

"Telegrams sent from the U.S. Embassy summing up talks between American and "Israeli" officials in November 2009 cite a Mossad official as saying Hizbullah is expected to launch 400-600 missiles at "Israel" a day - 100 of which will be aimed at Tel Aviv, over the course of two months."

Haaretz further stated, according to the cable that the talks were held between American and "Israeli" war and intelligence officials in "Israel", as part of the strategic dialogue between the countries entitled the Joint Political Military Group, which was established in 1983. The American delegation was headed by State Department official Robert Maggi and the "Israeli" delegation was headed by then-War Ministry Director General Pinhas Buchris.

The Zionsit daily added that on November 18 the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv sent the first of four telegrams summarizing the talks, which spanned various issues including the Iranian nuclear program, the situation in Iraq and Gaza, "Israel"-Egypt relations, the peace process with the Palestinians and "Israel's" future war with Hizbullah.
The US cable said that the "Israeli" army and war intelligence argued that Hizbullah's ultimate goal during any future conflict is to launch a massive number of missiles and rockets daily into "Israeli" territory, including those that can reach the Tel Aviv area.

"Defense officials highlighted the continued desire by Hizbullah to avenge the assassination of its former military commander Imad Mughniyah, and pointed to failed attempts to do so in Azerbaijan and Egypt", the cable also added.
The "Israelis" argued "smuggling [from Syria and Iran to Hizbullah] represents a strategic challenge for "Israel" ... and is severely limiting its diplomatic options for peace."

During the meeting with the US officials, the "Israelis" said that since the Second Lebanon War Hizbullah "increased its quantity of sophisticated arms with improved range and accuracy."
Military Intelligence officers presented estimates of Hizbullah's arsenal in Lebanon. "Hizbullah possesses over 20,000 rockets, hundreds of 220 mm and 302 mm rockets, several hundred Fajr rockets, hundreds of simple anti-tank ‏(AT‏) launchers with rockets and missiles, and hundreds of advanced anti-tank wire guided missiles ‏(ATGM‏), dozens of SA-14, SA-7 and QW-1 anti-aircraft guns, several Ababil unmanned aerial vehicles ‏(UAVs‏), an unknown quantity of C-802 coastal missiles and up to thousands of improvised explosive devices ‏(IEDs‏)."

The Wikileaks revealed cable indicated that an "Israeli" officer said "Hizbullah was preparing for a long conflict with "Israel" in which it hopes to launch a massive number of rockets at "Israel" per day."
"In the 2006 Second Lebanon War, Tel Aviv was left untouched - Hizbullah will try to change the equation during the next round and disrupt everyday life in Tel Aviv," the "Israeli" officer is quoted as saying.

A Mossad official said "Hizbullah will want to ensure it can launch rockets and missiles to the very last day of the conflict ... Hizbullah will try to launch 400-600 rockets and missiles at "Israel" per day - 100 of which will be aimed at Tel Aviv ... [and] sustain such launches for at least two months."
Haaretz added this means "Israel" expects a war that would last up to two months, during which 24,000 to 36,000 rockets and missiles would be launched into its territory, about 6,000 of them aimed at Tel Aviv.

An argument erupted between the "Israeli" and American officials about the American arms supplies to the Lebanese Armed Forces, also known as the Lebanese Army. The "Israelis" complained about it, saying they could fall into Hizbullah's hands. The Americans said the aid to the LAF was intended to prevent it from growing closer to Hizbullah and stressed the "U.S. support of the LAF as a counterweight to Hizbullah."
Amos Gilad, director of policy and political-military affairs at the War Ministry, completely disagreed with this approach. He said "the Lebanese Army will come to the defense of Hizbullah if attacked by "Israel". Thus, a strengthened LAF hurts "Israel"". This comes according to cable (09TELAVIV1688) previously revealed by Wikileaks.

09-04-2011 | 18:21

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