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Sayyed Nasrallah: Egyptian Revolution As Important As Resistance 2006 Victory
Nour Rida

Hizbullah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah declared support to the Egyptian and Tunisian people, who rose against their corrupt governments and started revolutions against their regimes. His Eminence announced solidarity with the Egyptian people, noting that one face of solidarity with this revolution is to defend it and reveal its true image. Hizbullah SG addressed people through a large screen via video link, at the end of a rally that was held by the different political factions and figures in the Ghobeiry square.

The rally was held under the slogans "In support of the Egyptian people's revolution against the Camp David regime" and "In support of Egypt's Arab identity."
His Eminence started his speech with an apology to the Tunisian and Egyptian people for the delay, "After all our experiences in resisting the US-Zionist schemes in Lebanon and the region, we cannot stand still when dispute takes place between the oppressed and the oppressor, between the right and the wrong."

His Eminence considered that topping the list of solidarity with this revolution is to refute all the alleged claims against this revolution. He noted that the worst false accusation presented by some in the Arab world is claiming this revolution is a US intelligence product.

Sayyed Nasrallah explained some of the Egyptian revolution's dimensions, noting "We are witnessing a real, patriotic and popular Egyptian revolution in which Muslims and Christians, Nationalists and Seculars are participating as well as Islamic, scholar, national, and intellectual various movements. In this revolution, all Egyptians are taking part, including children, women, men, intellectuals, scholars, workers. But the major and strongest element in this revolution remains the youth generation. That's why we can say that we're before a complete revolution."

His Eminence assured "This revolution is the result of the people's will and determination," stressing that those who protest, of which some get martyred or sustain injuries are to decide what to do and where to arrive, and what regime to accept.
Sayyed Nasrallah further elaborated that this Egyptian revolution and uprising is a revolution against everything, against tyranny, corruption, oppression, hunger, the regime's policies related to the Arab-"Israeli" conflict.

His Eminence warned of the US current attempts that aim at encompassing and understanding the Egyptian revolution in order to ameliorate the ugly image of the US administration in our Arab and Islamic worlds, and allegedly present itself as a "defender" of the Arab peoples, reiterating that this is the greatest danger the people of the region should be aware of.

Hizbullah SG tackled the worry and unease this Egyptian revolution and uprising caused in the US Administration and inside the Zionist entity, noting that the people and youth of Egypt should be certain of the great effect of their revolution on the equations whether on the regional or international level.

Hizbullah leader added "Look at the "Israeli" panic caused by only 14 days of Egyptian peaceful youth's movement," noting that there have been calls to reconsider the national security strategies, also Netanyahu has called for constructing an electronic wall between Egypt and Gaza, along with others urging to renew control over "Israel" along its borders with the Gaza Strip.
Sayyed Nasrallah also said that "Israel" is lamenting its strategic fate today, when it talks about losing its last strong ally in the region, following its loss to the Shah regime in Iran and to Turkey as well.

Hizbullah SG addressed the religious authorities, scholars and intellects worldwide, asking them "Where do you stand, by which front do you stand today, "Israel's" which protects the regime or on the front of the Egyptian people who wants to the regime to collapse?" Sayyed Nasrallah further called on all those who believe in justice, humanity, and conscience to determine their position and stand by the Egyptian courageous people.

 His Eminence addressed the brave Egyptian youth, assuring "their movement and victory will change the face of the entire region, (a change) for the interest of it's the people, particularly the Palestinian." He underscored "What they (Egyptians) have done is no less important than the historic steadfastness of the Islamic resistance in Lebanon in 2006 as well as the steadfastness of the Palestinian resistance in the Gaza Strip in 2008."

The resistance leader stressed that the oppressed people of the region hold their hopes on the Egyptian revolution, its determination and decisive victory. He added "It has long been said that Egypt is the mother of the world, and you in the squares are its great people, who can unyieldingly and faithfully change the face of the world. We trust your great capabilities in bringing change and we look forward to the day when you bring Egypt back to its historic position in the life of this region."

At the end of his speech, Hizbullah Secretary General also addressed the Egyptian youth saying "We wish we can be with you, in the Tahrir (Liberation) aquare and the squares in Cairo and the streets of Alexandria, Ismailiya, Suez, and other cities of great Egypt. God witness, I am longing to be with you to present my blood and soul just like any other young man in Egypt for the sake of these noble and honest goals."

07-02-2011 | 19:21

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